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Automated Soldering Process

 Automated Soldering Process
The automated soldering process is typically
done on multiple circuits designed in a matrix
to form a panel. This panel can then have solder
applied, go into a machine that will load all the
components to their proper locations/orienta-
tions and finally run through an oven to solder
the entire panel. This is much easier to describe
than to put into practice.
The complications are many when flexible
circuits are the point of discussion. The screen-
ing process and component placement puts
a great deal of pressure on the circuit that re-
quires tooling to be designed specifically for
each circuit. A typical way to fixture a flexible
panel is to create a “carrier” that is used to car-
ry the circuit through the entire process. It pro-
vides a stable surface that assists in consistent
assembly and eliminates much of the laborious
tedium associated with the assembly of flexible
circuits. With the use of carriers, the flexible cir-
cuit panel can run through the entire process
with little or no issues.
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