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Five printed circuit board production methods

Five printed circuit board production methods



Production Method One:


1, will be cut into the required size of the circuit board. 2, the stencil on the steel plate, a pen to the circuit diagram by 1: 1 on the stencil, and the engraved in the wax on the circuit board cut the size of the circuit board, cut the stencil on the printed copper. Take a small amount of paint and talcum powder into a thin thick fits the appropriate material, with a brush dipped in the Indian material, evenly applied to the wax paper, repeated several times, the printed circuit board can be printed. This stereotype can be used repeatedly, suitable for small batch production. 3, the potassium chlorate 1 g, concentration of 15% hydrochloric acid 40 ml of the proportion of the preparation of etching solution, wipe the corrosion of the circuit board where corrosion. 4, will be a good corrosion of the PCB repeatedly washed with water. With banana water to wipe the paint, then clean several times, so that PCB clean, leaving no corrosion solution. Cast a layer of rosin solution to be dry after drilling. In this case,





Production Method 2:


In the amateur production of printed circuit board under a lot of ways, but not time-consuming, that is, "process" complex, or the quality can not compliment. And I made the printing plate method is a comprehensive effect of a better method is as follows:


1, the system board diagram. The figure in the pad with the points that can be connected to take a single line, but the location, size to be accurate. In this case,


2, according to the size of the printed board layout of a good printed board, do a clean copper foil surface. In this case,


3, with copy paper to copy to the plate, if the line is relatively simple, and producers have a certain system board experience, this step can be omitted. In this case,


4, according to the specific physical components, paste the inner and outer diameter of the standard pre-cut symbols (pad); then depending on the current size, paste tape width of different lines. For standard pre-cut symbols and tapes, electronic stores are available. Pre-cut symbols commonly used specifications are D373 (0D-2.79, ID-0.79), D266 (0D-2.00, ID-0.80), D237 (OD-3.50, ID-1.50), the best buy paper-based materials (Black), plastic base (red) material as far as possible without. Common specifications tape 0.3,0.9, 1.8, 2.3,3.7, and several other. Units are mm. In this case,


5, with a little soft hammer, such as smooth rubber, plastic and other percussion map stickers, so that the full adhesion with the copper foil. Focus on knocking lines, lap. Cold weather, it is best to use the surface heating heater to enhance the adhesion effect. In this case,


6, into the ferric chloride corrosion, but it should be noted that the liquid temperature is not higher than 40 degrees. After the corrosion should be promptly removed rinse, especially in the case of thin lines. In this case,


7, drilling, playing with fine sandpaper copper foil, coated with rosin alcohol solution, dry production is completed. The quality of this PCB is very close to the regular PCB. 0.3 mm tape across the IC between the feet can greatly reduce the front of the short jumper board to save time and save time. I often use this method to do the work of experimental printing plate or a small amount of products. In this case,


Production method three:


The paint film (that is, shellac, chemical raw materials stores), dissolved in three anhydrous alcohol, and appropriate mixing, until all of its dissolved, drop a few drops of medical violet syrup (gentian violet) Showing a certain color, stir evenly, you can use as a protective paint to describe the circuit board. In this case,


First with a fine sandpaper to polish the coated copper plate, and then use the drawing device in the duckbill pen (or compasses to draw graphics on the ink duckbill pen), the description of the pencil on the pen to adjust the thickness of the stroke nut, stroke thickness Adjustable, and can borrow ruler, triangular ruler to draw a very thin line, and depict the lines smooth, uniform, no edge jagged, giving a smooth, fluent feel; the same time, the board can be idle Write Chinese characters, English, pinyin or symbols. In this case,


If the lines do not open, it is too thick, and need to drop a few drops of anhydrous alcohol. If the wrong description of the matter does not matter, as long as the use of a small stick (match stick), do a little cotton swab, dipped in a little alcohol, you can easily erase, and then re-painted. Once the circuit board diagram painted, you can corrosion in the ferric chloride solution. Circuit board corrosion is good, the paint is also very convenient, with cotton balls dipped in anhydrous alcohol, you can wipe the protective paint, a little dry, you can then coated with pineapple use. In this case,


As the alcohol evaporates quickly, the preparation of a good protective paint should be placed in a small bottle (such as ink bottle) sealed, do not forget to cover the cap after use, if the next use, found that the concentration of thickening, as long as the appropriate amount Anhydrous alcohol can be. In this case,


Production Method 4:


The sticky paste in the copper foil on the copper paste, and then draw a good circuit on the veneer, and then engraved carved through the veneer layer, the formation of the required circuit, the non-part of the final circuit with ferric chloride corrosion or current Electrolysis method can produce the ideal circuit board. In this case,


Corrosion temperature can be about 55 , the corrosion rate is faster. Corrode good circuit board rinse with water, thrown off the circuit on the sticky note, playing well, wipe clean coated with rosin alcohol solution for use. In this case,


Production Method 5:


1, according to the circuit diagram used in the shape of components and the size of the printed circuit board size and reasonable arrangements for the density of components and the location of the components. Determine the location of components should be in accordance with the first large and small, the first part of the overall principle of the local circuit adjacent to the adjacent components placed neatly uniform. In this case,


2, the connection between the various components of the wire at the corner and the intersection of two lines can not turn right at the corner, the need to use the transition curve, nor can cross and roundabout too far. Some wires can not do this, you can consider printing on the reverse side of the printed circuit board, and then use the nail to connect with the front circuit, or in the welding element with an additional insulated wire connection. In this case,


3, the input part and the output part of the distance away as well, so as not to interfere with each other. In this case,


Production Method 6:


Radio enthusiasts have to worry about making the circuit board. Now to introduce a "sub-printing" method of making printed circuit boards. Methods as below:


1, in the printer will be printed on the circuit board 1: 1 ratio of 80 grams of copy paper. Manual drawing can be, but at the end of paper to be smooth. In this case,


2, to find a fax machine, the fax machine out of paper, put on hot melt film. Place the circuit diagram in the entrance of the fax machine and copy the wiring diagram onto the hot melt film using the copy keys of the fax machine. At this time printed circuit board "printed original" to do a good job. In this case,


3, with a double-sided tape will be a good system of the plastic film on the smooth paste on the copper-clad. Note to smooth, can not wrinkle, tape can not cover the melting part of the paper, or affect the production of circuit boards. In this case,


4, with the paint brush to paint evenly on the plastic film, note: can not reciprocate brush, brush can only be followed in one direction, or plastic film wrinkles, copper lines will appear on the overlap. To be all over the brush map, carefully remove the plastic film. At this time a printed circuit board on the printed well. To be dry, you can corrosion. In this case,


If you want to print more than one, do a bigger than the circuit board wooden frame, the screen will be deposited on the wooden frame, fixed. And then double-sided tape will be a good set of plastic film attached to the screen below. Will be deposited copper on the table, close the screen frame (printed map and coated copper to be aligned), with a paint brush in order to brush along the brush in one direction, remove the grid. The printed circuit board is printed. If defective, can be modified with paint and bamboo. In this case,


The above process should be noted that when painting, the hand to light weight, too thick paint film is too thick, the line will run lace, too light lines will be disconnected. Plastic film must face up.

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