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 Flex Glossary
Acrylic Adhesive: used to bond Multi-layered Flex together and also used as part of the coverlay and stiffener on used on flex layers/boards
Acrylic Adhesive: Used to bond Multi-layered flex together and also used as part of the coverlay and stiffener used on flex layers/boards.
Annular Ring: That portion of conductive material completely surrounding a hole. This is found on inner and out layers.
Apply a fillet: Used the eccobond or equivalent adhesives along the rigid to flex transitions edges.
Artwork: An accurately-scaled configuration that is used to produce the “Artwork Master” or “Production Master.”
Aspect Ratio (Hole): The Ratio of the length of the depth of a hole to its pre-plated diameter.
Base Material; The insulating material upon which a conductive pattern may be formed. (The base material can be rigid or flexible, or both. It may be a dielectric or insulated metal sheet.)
Blind Via: A via extending only to one surface for a printed board.
B-Stage: An intermediate stage in the reaction of a thermosetting resin in which the material softens when heated and swells, but does not entirely fuse or dissolve, when it is in contact with certain liquids.
Covercoat (LPI): The material deposited as a Liquid Photo Imageable onto the circuitry that subsequently becomes a permanent dielectric coating.
Coverlay: A film and adhesive made from separate layers of generically different chemistries.
Delamination/Blister: Delamination in the form of a localized swelling and separation between any of the layers of a lamination base material, or between base material and conductive foil of protective coating.
Dielectric: A material with a high resistance to the flow of direct current, and which is capable of being polarized by an electrical field.
Dielectric Constant: The ratio of the capacitance of a configuration of electrodes with a specific material as the dielectric between them to the capacitance of the same electrode configuration with a vacuum or air as the dielectric.
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