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Flexible Circuits and Components

 Flexible Circuits and Components
Every type of component can be soldered to
flexible circuits with confidence. Through-hole
components, SMT components, wires, switches,
BGAs, etc. Some require more skill than others
to be attached, but they all can be mounted re-
liably to flexible circuits. Some may be soldered
automatically like through-hole or SMT compo-
nents and others may have to be attached man-
ually like wires or cables. The use of a micro-
scope is necessary in assembly today. The com-
ponents get smaller each year and we are now
in an era where a component that measures
.020” by .010” is common. That’s not much big-
ger than a flake of black pepper. Most manual
assembly and inspection, therefore, is done un-
der a microscope or Automated Optical Inspec-
tion (AOI) device. With components that are
too small to see with the naked eye, imagine the
thought of identifying a non-compliant solder
joint that is a fraction of the size of those small
components. It’s not of significant importance
though. A skilled assembler armed with solder-
ing tools and a quality microscope will be able
to attach any component to a flexible circuit.
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