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In the compression and copper part of the equipment must be amended, the degree of application of the equipment will affect the product yield and stability, so into the soft and hard combination board production must first take into account the degree of application of the equipment. Soft and hard combination of the advantages of soft and hard board compared to the advantages of the general PCB: 1. Light weight 2. Thin layer of thin 3. Transmission path is short 4. Small aperture 5. Small noise, high reliability and high hardness The advantages of the board than the hard board: 1. Flexible, can be three-dimensional wiring, according to space to change the shape. 2. Resistance to high and low temperature, fire. 3. Folding without affecting the signal transfer function. 4. To prevent static electricity 5. The chemical stability, stability and reliability are high 6. The design of the related products can reduce the assembly time and error and improve the service life of the products concerned 7. Reduce the size of the application products and reduce the weight significantly , The function is increased and the cost is reduced.The manufacturer of the soft and hard board is concentrated in Europe and America and Japan, and the production is concentrated on the phenomenon of a few producers. North American and European products to military and medical products, Japan's recent applications, bias DSC, DV or mobile phone product applications, in addition, in Asia, the main push with the application of soft and hard combination of mobile phones to soft and hard combination board instead of hard Plate - soft board -

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