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Flexible circuits Electronics Market Explores New Growth Opportunities

 Flexible circuits Electronics Market Explores New Growth Opportunities 
Flexible circuits electronics, popularly known as flex circuits, have created a vibrant market since the past few years. They find a wide range of applications in healthcare and medical, wearable electronics, automotive, mobile devices, consumer electronics, military and defence, and biometrics, and continue to transform the way the electronics are being used and made conventionally. The global market of flexible electronics, though currently in its developing stage, is predicted to gain momentum in the near future and grow at a double digit CAGR over the forecast period 2016-2020.
In addition to offering transformational advantages in terms of product shape, weight, and durability, flexible circuits also provide 3D configurations to product designs. Flex circuits have also held significant impact on allied industries, including wearable electronics, smart medical devices, cell phones, connectors, and IoT.
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