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Hand or Manual Soldering Process

 Hand or Manual Soldering Process
The hand or manual soldering process re-
quires a skillful assembler to attach components
to a flexible circuit one solder joint at a time.
A compliant solder joint, defined by the gov-
erning body, IPC, makes no distinction for flex-
ible circuits. The complications added to the
solder process come from the thin flexible na-
ture of the circuit. For instance, if a component
is inserted or placed with too much pressure,
the material can wrinkle and may create a void
under the component that could allow foreign
material to gather.
Another concern during hand assembly is
how to keep the circuit in a static condition so
that it doesn’t move when the solder or iron is
placed on the component. It’s difficult enough
to solder components manually, but that diffi-
culty is magnified when the circuit is not stat-
ic. Trying to create a compliant solder joint on a
moving target is the highest level of frustration.
Therefore, it is common to create fixtures to
assist in the hand assembly of flexible circuits.
The fixture is used to keep the circuit flat and
still during the process. The fixture is an invalu-
able aid to the assembler.
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