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 Inductive Charging
QI is gradually stepping on the way to perfection. Inductive charging module consists of transmitter, accessible to power supplier via USB port, and receiver that is made of FPCB and electronic components based on extreme thin imported material. Our receiver, with a thickness of 1.3mm gets the thinnest design one can find in the world. By customization, the receiver module can pair with any mobile terminals.
Solution Features
1. 5V based USB power supply accessible to original charger adapter or USB port of the compute
2. Experience gained from years of researching helps us provide inexpensive solution with top-notch performance
3.Power supply of transmitter can be enhanced to 12V while USB 5V input is alternative.
4. Adding protection for over currency to ensure safety
5. Design of 1.33mm thickness for receiver makes it easier to design corresponding receiver cover or insert plate cover
6. Selected outside coil and magnetic isolation plates brings stable wireless charging performance
7.Meet ROHS/CE/FCC standards and "Quality First" principal
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