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Method for improving the problem of hole and penetration plating in dry film

 Method for improving the problem of hole and penetration plating in dry film
With the rapid development of the electronics industry, the layout of PCB more and more sophisticated, most PCB manufacturers are using dry film to complete the pattern transfer, use of the dry film is becoming more and more popular, but I was in the process of customer service service, there are a lot of customers have many errors in the use of dry film, the node, in order to learn from.
First, the dry film mask holes appear
Many customers think, broken hole, should increase the film temperature and pressure, to enhance the binding force, in fact, this view is not correct, because of high temperature and pressure, resist the excessive solvent volatilization, the dry film brittle thin, easily break through the hole development, we should always keep dry film toughness, so the broken hole, we can from the following improvements:
1, reduce the film temperature and pressure
2, improve the drilling drape
3, improve the exposure energy
4, reduce the development pressure
5, film after the parking time not too long, so as not to cause the corner parts of semi liquid membrane diffusion thinning under pressure
6, the dry film not too tight in the process of film
Two, the dry film plating occurs when the plating
The plating, that dry adhesive film and copper clad plate is not strong, the bath depth, caused by "negative" part of film thickness, the majority of PCB manufacturers plating are caused by the following points:
1, exposure energy is high or low
Under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, the light absorbing agent absorbed light energy is decomposed into free radicals to initiate the polymerization of monomers to form the insoluble molecules which are insoluble in dilute alkali. The exposure is not enough, because the polymerization is not complete, in the developing process of film swelling soft, resulting in the line was not clear even the film off, causing the membrane and copper binding defect; if the exposure is excessive, can cause developing difficulties, will also have warped stripping in the electroplating process, the formation of plating. So it is important to control the exposure energy.
2, the film temperature is high or low
If the film temperature is too low, because the resist film is not fully softened and proper flow and cause dry film and copper clad laminate surface adhesion is poor; if the temperature is too high due to resist solvents and other volatile substances of the rapid evaporation of the bubbles, and the dry film is brittle and the formation of warped stripping in the electric shock caused by electroplating, plating.
3, high or low pressure film
Low pressure film, film surface may cause uneven or dry film and copper produced between the gap and not up to the requirements of the binding force of film pressure; if too high, resist the solvent and volatile components of excessive evaporation, resulting in dry film brittle, shocks will hold up stripping plating.
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