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Moisture and Flexible Circuits

 Moisture and Flexible Circuits
Before we can start any assembly on a flexi-
ble circuit, we must first bake out the moisture.
This is done in a dry oven at low temperature
for several hours. The intent is to evaporate all
moisture that has been absorbed by the plastic
and adhesive layers during storage. This is a big-
ger problem during the summer months when
atmospheric humidity is high. Less of an issue
during the dryer winter months. However, no
matter the season, if the moisture is not baked
out, negative results are possible.
When introduced to the high temperatures
required to melt solder, 680°F to 750°F, the mois-
ture trapped between the layers can boil quick-
ly and cause the laminated layers to separate.
Once the layers are separated the flexible circuit
cannot be used reliably as it allows air into the
circuit which contains water, that will eventu-
ally corrode and render the circuit useless. It is
a prudent first step in any circuit assembly pro-
cess to bake out the moisture.
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