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Protection of Solder Joints After Assembly

 Protection of Solder Joints After Assembly
The concerns do not end with the attach-
ment of components. Products developed with
flexible circuits are intended to be flexed. Al-
though the material is flexible, the solder joints
are not! If components or solder joints are in,
or near a bend area, then it is wise to protect
the solder joints. If not, the joint may fracture
and cause intermittent issues that are difficult
to identify.
A flexible epoxy or conformal coat may be
added to the solder joints after the product has
been tested and confirmed. This will keep the
bends and flexing away from the solder joint
and in the material where it is intended to be.
This added safety feature will add robustness to
flexible circuit assemblies and likely reduce the
risk of failures in the field.
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