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Solder mask thickness control of thick copper PCB

Solder mask thickness control of thick copper PCB

LikeSolder mask thickness control of thick copper PCB

First: appropriate to add some thinner to make the viscosity of the ink slightly lower, pay attention not to add too much.

Second: mesh mesh can choose the number of 60 to 70.

Third: the normal pressure on it


Fourth: India 2 times, generally the second basic can, and too much easy to penetrate the hole inside.

Note: silk screen finished after a little longer time, because the hole number is large, and the ink although the viscosity has decreased, but because the copper thickness is easy to produce bubbles, so the standing time to be slightly longer, so that the bubble burst, Otherwise there will be quality problems later.

Pre-baked three sections: general

1,50 degrees / 20min

2,65 degrees / 25min

3,75 degrees / 20min

After baking is also divided into three sections:

1,90 degrees / 25min

2,120 degrees / 30min

3,150-155 degrees / 60-70min

All above refers to constant temperature.

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