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RayMing Technology is a flexible printed circuits manufacturer that has consistently delivered high quality flex circuits for years. We have responded to market demands and deliver in high volume as well as prototypes from our production facilities. Our Engineering Staff Has an Experiential Edge That Cannot Be Beat RayMing engineers have significant experience in the flexible circuit and flexible pcb industry. Whether you are a novice in the area of flexible circuit design or a long time user, we lend our expertise providing comprehensive support from concept to completion

We can provide  flexible circuit rapid quick turn prototyping. This allows our customers to get-to-market faster, affordably, and more efficiently. Partner with us today and accelerate your innovative development projects. We have the capabilities to turnaround flex PCBs with exotic designs using a wide range of different materials.

Get mission-critical Rigid-flex PCBs that other PCB shops turn down due to complexity and low yields.

Flex PCB works with your engineers to explore new PCB designs, stack ups, and improved routing. Get compact, reliable, and high quality PCBs, delivered on time when you use Flex PCB's latest technologies and engineering expertise. 

Flex PCB works with thousands of high-technology companies and organizations from around the world. Some markets served includes Automotive, Medical, Industrial, Aerospace, Military, and Telecommunications.

Please contact us today 0086-0755-27340807 or email us ( Sales@raypcb.com )  to learn more about Flex PCB and how we can be your company's one-stop flex and rigid-flex PCB manufacturer.
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